AllSafe IT’s Introduction to Live Chat Support

June  18,  2019

We are excited to introduce our new chat support integration from the AllSafe App. We want to continue to offer the best IT support services to the organizations that we have acquired and feel that a direct chat system is essential. The chat system will allow for seamless ticket creation, live chat capability and the ability for both the user and technician to review the chat session that will automatically attach itself to the support ticket. In addition to live chat, a user can also request a call back.

Portal users can access a technician via chat in two ways:

1. The Request Support Screen "pre-ticket chat". This option will allow the user to chat with a technician instantaneously and a ticket number will be assigned to this chat session.
2. On an existing ticket "post-ticket chat". This option will allow the user to login to the AllSafe app and view their open tickets and request to chat with a technician about an already opened support ticket.

Example No. 1: AllSafe App Pre-Ticket Chat Window

Pre-Ticket Chat Window

Example No. 2: AllSafe App Pre-Ticket Chat Window

Pre-Ticket Chat Window

Example No. 3: AllSafe App Post-Ticket Chat Window

Post-Ticket Chat Window

Example No. 4: AllSafe App Post-Ticket Chat Window

Post-Ticket Chat Window

The Benefits of Real-Time Customer Support

In recent studies, more than 75% of customers prefer live chat purely because of the immediate response it offers. We are in a dynamic world and as humans we respect the speed of response time. According to new research, only 9% of companies offer live chat services. AllSafe hopes to meet the needs of our customers by differentiating ourselves among other MSP providers through the implementation of this service. Below is a diagram that demonstrates the comparison between the most common support channels.

Live Chat Support from AllSafe IT

Live-Chat Response Time Importance

Live chat is used in many ways but one of the most important ways it is utilized is through customer support. In order to be successful however, the chat representative’s response time is of the upmost importance. Statistics have shown that 1 in 5 customers are willing to stop using a service due to slow response time. On average, customers that request support via email can expect to wait 12-24 hours for a response, social media can take up to 10 hours and live chat is typically 1-2 minutes. With that being said, we at AllSafe realize the value of delivering speedy response times in order to provide a good customer service experience. The below graph illustrates various methods of support platforms and their response times.

Live Chat Support from AllSafe IT

Why Live-Chat from AllSafe IT

In summary, we are confident that the launch of the AllSafe App live-chat support feature will provide an advantage to our customers. Real-time chat will give us the opportunity to handle support requests quickly and efficiently with less down time. AllSafe IT’s ultimate goal is to continue to provide the best IT services to our clients and to do so we are delivering the highest level of engineering that a Managed Service Provider has to offer. We will be providing each customer a set of training guidelines in order to get you started to using AllSafe's live chat!

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