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The Sun Has Set on Internet Explorer
This week we said goodbye to an old friend as Internet Explorer retired on June 15, 2022. While a vast majority of Internet users have already moved on to more modern browsers like Edge, Chrome and Firefox, many of us got our first tastes of the world wide web through Internet Explorer (IE). And even […]
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When iPhone Cables ATTACK!
Would you willingly plug a device into your smartphone or computer that would allow a stranger to see everything you type, steal your data, and install malware on your machine? Of course you wouldn’t. And, if you’ve read our recent article on Removable Media & Cybersecurity, you already know that you shouldn’t plug an unfamiliar […]
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Microsoft 365 vs Google Workspace
In terms of business productivity suites, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Google Workspace (formerly Google business suite) are two of the most popular and widely utilized options. There are a number of ways Microsoft and Google hope to make communication and collaboration easier through their cloud-based applications and services. Both suites are robust and […]
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What industries need managed IT services in Los Angeles?
Technology and IT has grown at an exponential rate over the last couple of years. From day to day personal life matters to business operations, healthcare to education, finances and even the manufacturing sector, there is no field which is no longer dependent on the utilization of IT services Los Angeles.  Although the use of […]
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How to Update Your Verizon Privacy Settings
PRIVACY ALERT: If you’re a Verizon customer and you DON’T want them gathering data on your browsing history, app activity, location and more, you should change your Verizon privacy settings ASAP. Verizon recently launched their new Custom Experience Programs which gather information on their users. Verizon says they do this to personalize the experience and […]
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IT Support for Business - The All-In Guide
It is an undeniable fact that IT is the backbone and plays a pivotal role in almost all aspects of life. But the role of IT in the business sector cannot be overlooked at all. Irrespective of whether the business is big or small, a startup or an established venture, business IT services are an […]
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Microsoft Ending Support for OneDrive on Windows 7, 8 and 8.1
Are you still running an old version of Windows? Statistics show that 18.56% of Windows users are still using an older, unsupported version of Windows. This includes 13.56% of users who are still on Windows 7, which has been unsupported since January 2020. Computers with an unsupported operating system don't receive software updates, security updates, […]
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What Does the Global Chip Shortage Mean for You?
One of the ripple effects of the pandemic is the impact on supply chains – especially for semiconductors (or chips). In 2021, almost all major manufacturers across a broad range of industries like Ford and Samsung have said they are slowing production due to the global chip shortage. Experts predict that things won’t go back […]
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What Happens When You Pay the Ransom?
It’s a busy, productive Monday morning. You have a lot to tackle this week and briskly move from task to task. Suddenly, a window pops up on your screen rudely notifying you that the file you’re trying to open is encrypted and you will have to pay to restore your data. Your co-workers start murmuring […]
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Apple Security Update
We strongly advise you to update your Apple devices as soon as possible. Apple has released urgent security updates for iPhone and iPad to address a critical spyware vulnerability. This vulnerability allows threat actors to infiltrate a user's phone without the user clicking on anything. Read Apple's update HERE. Here's how to update your iPhone […]
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