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How to FastTrack
an Urgent Ticket

You can flag a service ticket for escalation if it needs urgent attention. This is called FastTrack. FastTracked tickets will automatically be escalated in priority, and our Help Desk team will be alerted so the ticket can be assigned to a technician right away.

To FastTrack a ticket, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the AllSafe App and go to Ticket Updates.
  1. Select the ticket that you would like to FastTrack.
  2. Click the Ticket options drop down at the top of the ticket’s Discussion tab.
  1. Select the FastTrack (flag ticket as urgent) option.
  2. The ticket priority will be escalated, and the Help Desk team will be alerted.
You can confirm that the escalation request went through by checking the ticket’s Details tab. The ticket status will be changed to “Client FastTrack Requested” and the priority will be changed to P2 | Quick Response.


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