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We Tried Out Edge’s New Super Duper Secure Mode
What’s better than being secure online? Being Super Duper Secure online. Microsoft is testing out an experimental new feature to make their Edge web browser Super Duper Secure. The regular version of Edge is already pretty secure. But for those of us who want to maximize online cybersecurity, or if you’re just looking for additional […]
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T-Mobile Confirms "Unauthorized Access"
What We Know So Far: On August 15, Vice reported that T-Mobile was investigating claims that someone obtained the personal data of 100+ million people from its servers. The stolen data was being sold on a dark web forum and purportedly contains “social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, unique IMEI numbers, and driver […]
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Why Email Fatigue is a Security Risk
Take a peek at your work inbox. How many unread messages do you have: hundreds, maybe even thousands? Does scrubbing a toilet sound more appealing than dealing with your unopened emails? Do you fantasize about quitting your job and never looking back just so you don’t have to answer another email? While these may seem […]
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6 Ways to Protect Against Smishing & Text Spam
Spam text messages are not only annoying... they can also be dangerous! Cybercriminals use text messages to trick you into entering your personal information. This is known as smishing (“SMS phishing”). There are several approaches used to try to compel a user to click on a link or submit private information. Some trick users into […]
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1/3 of Healthcare Organizations Paid Ransom to Restore Their Data
People depend on hospitals, clinics, medical offices and other healthcare providers to be there when they need them the most. In turn, healthcare organizations depend on technology to be able to provide care. It is an industry where 24-hour availability of services is, quite literally, a life or death matter. For healthcare organizations, IT downtime […]
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QR Codes & Privacy
If you’ve dined out in public recently, chances are you scanned a QR code with your phone to view the menu. You may have even used a QR code to pay the bill. Restaurants, cafes and bars have ditched physical print menus in favor of touch-free options, and QR codes are everywhere. However, this week […]
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How Long Would it Take to Brute Force Your Password?
Here’s the bad news: Your password of “123456” can be cracked instantly and is about as secure as having no password at all. The good news is: you’re too smart to have that password in the first place... right? A recent poll conducted by Google found that 24% of Americans have used common passwords such […]
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6 Things You Can Do to Avoid Zoom Fatigue
4:53 PM. You just hit the “Leave Meeting” button on your sixth and final video conference of the day. You think about sending an email to confirm the meeting’s action items, but you’re too tired and scattered to remember what they were. Your eyes are dry and sore. Your shoulders are stiff. You’re grouchy and […]
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Microsoft Introduces Windows 365
In 2020 we saw a profound shift to work-from-home. Now that offices are re-opening, businesses are finding that remote work is here to stay. Workers still want flexible options to be able to work from home, office, coffeeshop, anywhere. Enter the Cloud PC. Microsoft recently announced the launch of Windows 365, which will let businesses […]
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10 Solutions to Speed Up your Slow Computer Systems in 2021
We’ve all heard the old adage that “time is money.” And this is especially true in the business world. In today’s business climate, with technology making everything available at one’s fingertips, things move at a much faster pace. As a result, a slow computer can be a huge issue for employees if it causes them […]
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