How AllSafeIT + BrightGauge Work Together

May  22,  2019

 As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) with over 30 years of IT experience, we are dedicated to serving our customers with shorter lead times, technology driven decision making processes and empowering our clients to offer customer feedback regarding our technician’s performance.  In addition to generating and retaining new business, more importantly we want to focus on building “Trust” with our existing customer base.  We feel that we can accomplish this by being completely transparent in producing real time reports with accurate information that illustrates what you hired us to do and how we are doing it - whether it be good or bad.  Our main objective is to continue to build our relationships by becoming a trusted partner not just a vendor.

Relationship Trust

That’s why we are excited to announce that we will now be providing our clients with an Executive Monthly Report.  This report will contain data related to the IT services that AllSafe IT has provided you for the previous month (last 30 days).  This overview will embody information such as the number of tickets opened and closed last month, the ticket type, unresolved tickets and upcoming projects for your company.  In addition to a complete ticket log, we also want to present you with our technician’s production level, customer service feedback and your overall network health.  We know that these statistics will provide us the information we need to continue to give you the best service that you deserve.

Our Main Objective

These reports are designed to deliver our customers with the most valuable and digestible information related to the services that we perform.  We want these reports to set the tone that we are reliable, invested in our commitment to serving our customers and continuing to keep the partnership healthy for years to come.

Monthly reports will differ from one customer to the next based on our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and we intend to use this agreement as a basis for what to prioritize.  Generating concise reports for every individual client whether big or small will be an integral part of the success that comes from this roll out.  See below for example of some of the metrics that will be displayed.

Example Graph from BrightGauge Reporting

Ultimately, our intentions are to provide measured statistics that are easy to understand and drill downs that the report viewer can comprehend and appreciate.  Feedback will be essential in this process.  We welcome comments, suggestions and criticism, as this will provide us with the appropriate tools to create a seamless report for our clients on an individual basis.

Referral Program

If you love what you see and want to get in on the fun, let us know!  Since you are already in our network, we can introduce you to BrightGauge’s referral program.  This will provide you with business intelligence at its best!  You and your team can then develop your own customizable reports and dashboards based on your own unique data sources.


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