Managed IT Services

Customized support plans designed to meet your specific needs

Every day, your business becomes more dependent upon technology in order to be profitable, productive and competitive. As the owner, you don’t get paid to fix IT issues – so why would you put your business aside to handle problems with your technology? If you’re constantly worrying about technology issues and find yourself spending less time managing your business, then it’s time for a change! Our support plans are designed to meet your business needs but they all include the benefits of …

24x7 Help Desk Support - As always, we understand that your time is valuable. Our technicians can access your system remotely and address issues instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Full System Management - We’ll continuously monitor/manage the critical components of your workstations, servers and network to prevent small issues from becoming large problems

Easy To Budget Plans - All of our customized support plans provide you with a fixed monthly fee so you can easily budget your IT expenses without worrying about surprise

Detailed Technology Reviews - Our team will provide you with detailed reports on where your technology stands so you can make informed business decisions. No more being left in the dark!

Hardware & Software

  • Network Management:

    Network management becomes more and more challenging as network traffic speeds and work volume increase. AllSafe IT will design and build your network infrastructure from the ground up to ensure reliable performance.

  • Server Management:

    AllSafe IT prides itself on offering proactive, not reactive, server management and support. Our comprehensive monitoring and automation identifies and eliminates potential server issues before you’re ever aware they exist.

  • Workstation Management

    AllSafe IT supports workstations on both Windows and Mac platforms. We automate workstation management routines like installing patches and managing software licenses, while keeping them secure and preventing downtime.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your data may be backed up, but is your business truly prepared for disaster? A proper disaster recovery plan should not only include on-site backup with off-site replication, but should also be ready to virtualize your systems instantly to minimize downtime.

On-Site and Cloud Storage

On-site and Cloud Storage
Instant Virtualization

Security Management

AllSafe IT will create a watertight strategy to protect your business’ sensitive data, mitigate risk, and ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

Spam Protection

Our spam protection solutions not only filter out time wasting junk mail, but protect your network from malicious attacks.

Firewall Management

Everything entering and leaving your network will be scanned by system-based as well as gateway-based antivirus systems ensuring nothing is missed.

Compliance Management

AllSafe IT will provide a comprehensive system to standardize and centralize compliance processes, assets, risks and controls, as well as systematically remediate compliance issues.

Peace Of Mind. 24 Hours A Day. 7 Days A Week.

With our managed support services, we prevents many failures from ever happening. By combining regular preventative maintenance and comprtehensive real-time monitoring of your equipment, we increase the reliability and stability of your operation.

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