VOIP Phone Systems

Same phone, more features
plus the power to scale.

Call forwarding, Intercom,
Fax and more.

VoIP works across all
your locations

One system and one
monthly bill.

How it Works

  • Find a Provider:

    AllSafe IT helps match you with the best VOIP provider to meet your business needs and goals

  • Port Phone Numbers

    We do all the heavy lifting to port over your existing phone numbers and ensure a seamless transition

  • Go Live

    We assist with the cutover when your new VOIP solution goes live to make sure it goes smoothly and issues are immediately resolved


Never miss an important call again

Receive your voicemail whether you're on the other line, your desk phone is disconnected, or even if the power goes out.


Consolidated, flexible voicemail playback
React quickly to new voicemails by electing to receive a text message on your cell when you get a new voicemail.


Announcement Options
Welcome callers with a default greeting, with a greeting you record yourself, or one created with professional voice talent.


Receive faxes via email and get rid of the paper trail.


We'll assist you in configuring your AllSafe VoIP so that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.


Message Alerts, Call Logs, Intercom,
Call Forwarding, Recording and more.

  • Find Me

    Whether you're in the office or out, have calls ring on all of your devices.

  • Automated Call Recording

    Easily enable automatic recordings for your inbound and outbound calls.

  • Call Forwarding

    Calls with ease and flexibility - never miss calls while you travel.

  • Message Alerts

    Configure your service to deliver voice and fax message notifications by email, and text message.

  • Call Parking

    Park calls in the cloud and retrieve from any phone in your business.

  • Call Screening

    Accept or reject calls from specific numbers and send others directly to voicemail.

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