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Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

The security of your company’s data and information is
crucial to its success and growth.

Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons: faulty hardware, malware, natural disasters, or one of the most preventable (yet prevalent!) risk of all… human error by your employees. Having backup and disaster recovery management is key to lower the risk of losing your data.

At AllSafe IT,
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Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

Ransomware Protection

Leading Technology and Experienced Staff

Consistent Data Integrity Monitoring

Incident Response Planning

At AllSafe IT, we tailor our solutions so that they are the best fit for your needs. We don’t believe that IT Services should be “one-size-fits-all”. We work directly with clients to develop a roadmap for success that meets your budget, tackles your needs, and provides you with the backup and disaster recovery services and peace of mind your business deserves. 

We pride ourselves in our Backup and Disaster Recovery service as part of our Managed IT Services offering. Our clients trust us with ensuring that their data is secure and - in the event of a data loss incident- they rely on us to put our disaster recovery management plan in action and get them back up and running. 

Why Do Organizations Need Backup and Disaster Recovery Services?

According to Datto, the average time it takes for a business to recover from disaster is 18.5 hours and 43% of companies never fully recover. Without backups, the time and likelihood of bouncing back from the resulting downtime increases. Even with backups- without a disaster recovery plan and management team in place- your business could experience a crippling wait to get things back up and running. 


Just one hour of downtime costs $8,000 for a small company, $74,000 for medium companies, and $700,000 for large enterprises. Not only does data loss cost you productivity and lost revenue, it can put your and your customers’ sensitive information at risk. 

How AllSafe IT Can Support Your Business?

Using leading technologies, we build proactive backup and disaster recovery plans. We ensure thorough backups and reviews of your important data to guarantee that, no matter what happens, your data, communications, and information are never lost. 

Receive the peace of mind you’ve been searching for from our 24/7-guaranteed managed backup solutions. Our team continuously monitors your data systems, conducts tests, and provides a robust incident response service to combat human error, natural disasters, and hackers or other malicious attacks. 

With regularly scheduled remote and onsite backups for your data and built-in data archiving procedures to regular services provided by our team, we can ensure that your data is continuously, properly backed-up, and stored to ensure a quick recovery of your data should a breach occur.

Our team will construct a tailored plan for your company that includes actionable steps that your IT team (whether that’s us or your existing in-house team) can take in the event of a data breach. 

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