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T-Mobile Confirms "Unauthorized Access"

August 16, 2021 /

August 16, 2021

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What We Know So Far:

  • On August 15, Vice reported that T-Mobile was investigating claims that someone obtained the personal data of 100+ million people from its servers.
  • The stolen data was being sold on a dark web forum and purportedly contains “social security numbers, phone numbers, names, physical addresses, unique IMEI numbers, and driver licenses information”
  • On August 16, T-Mobile confirmed that “unauthorized access” occurred, but they have not yet confirmed if any personal customer data was involved.
  • T-Mobile says the unauthorized entry point “has been closed” and T-Mobile is continuing its investigation to determine what was accessed.
  • On August 17, T-Mobile released another statement confirming that the stolen data included the first and last names, date of birth, SSN, and driver’s license/ID information of approximately 47.8 million current and former customers. T-Mobile claims that no phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, passwords, or financial information were compromised.
  • T-Mobile will send communication to all affected individuals offering 2 years of identity protection services. T-Mobile recommends that all postpaid customers change their PIN and consider taking advantage of their Account Takeover Protection.
  • On August 20, T-Mobile released an update stating that they have identified another 5.3 million current customer accounts were compromised. They also confirmed that phone numbers, IMEI and IMSI information were compromised.
  • On August 27, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert published a blog post summarizing the incident, stating the cyberattacker's "intent was to break in and steal data, and they succeeded." He stated that T-Mobile is notifying all current, former and prospective customers, and linked their web page offering recommended next steps.

We will continue to provide updates here.


If you’re concerned that your data may have been compromised in the T-Mobile breach, we recommend the following security measures:

  • Use secure passwords with multi-factor authentication.
  • Maximize your email security to avoid getting phished.
  • Set up alerts with our Compromised Credential Monitoring so that you are notified the minute your information does appear on the Dark Web.

AllSafe IT’s Safe Total is a multi-layered security solution that provides these safeguards and more.

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